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Dongguan Changping
Assistant to the general manager ( urgent)

Address:Dongguan Changping

1, according to the company's development goals, planning, formulation and implementation of plans, the government public relations;
2, the establishment of communication long-term good relations with government agencies, departments, industry associations, the establishment of government relation network is the company's business areas;
3, the company responsible for the reception of the government, government project to declare work, grasp the new policies and regulations or information, analyze the impact on the company's business, to develop appropriate countermeasures and solutions;
4, to assist the company to apply for the relevant project, and the process of matching and tracking;
5, on behalf of the company to participate in the relevant government activity, and the related government agencies maintain friendly contact;
6, to assist the chairman, general manager of planning and implementation of related research, the new project;
7, to assist the company internal audit, an important decision item tracking, inspection.
More than 1 of industrial and commercial management, bachelor degree, age 25-30 years old, Chinese is preferred, male, female all bidding a;
To declare the work or related work experience 2, 3-5 years of government relations, government projects;
3, a deeper understanding of the workflow state or government departments; have good government project analysis and design capability, industry keen ability to grasp, familiar with the work flow;
4, high sensitivity and good judgment, a wide range of knowledge, comprehensive high quality, hobbies;
5, excellent writing ability, good communication and coordination ability and public relations executive;
6, the image of good temperament, have government experience is preferred.
Contact way:
Company name: Dongguan shengqilu Fashion Co., Ltd.
Address: Dongguan city Changping District Hukou town sand management
Contact person: Miss Liu, Tel: 86-769-89851115 8985111689851117
Fax: 86-769-89851113

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